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NOVEMBER 10, 2013

I am pleased to stand before you today and talk about ADEX’s past year. 

We continue to refine and improve our dental examination.  Most notably, the periodontal scaling exercise is now optional and there will be a reduction of the four scoring categories to three.  Also, we will be reporting passing scores as “75 and above.”  Our radiology protocols are being re-evaluated to conform to the newest standards.  Work on common manuals is being completed and the DSCE has been psychometrically reviewed with revisions in its length and a greater emphasis on periodontics.

Improving the calibration exercises to increase their relevance as well as eliminating duplicates has proven to be challenging.  As a result, we have brought aboard Dr. Howard Strassler from the Maryland dental school to be our lead on this project.  We have seen some of his past work and we are confident that he can deliver an outstanding product.

The ADEX Dental Hygiene Committee has been busy continuing to work towards a national exam that is fair, psychometrically based, and efficient for hygienists to enjoy portability upon graduation.  During the course of three conference calls in preparation for this meeting, a subcommittee has been creating a common manual that can be used by all of the testing agencies. The 2015 commitment to have the dental hygiene examination on an electronic platform has been and continues to be a key guiding principle in all of the committee’s discussions.

It was decided, following a vote by the 3rd and 4th year students at the University of Illinois - Chicago that ADEX will test there again after a hiatus of a number of years.  At the same time, after testing a number of their students at Midwestern Dental School, we will be examining at A. T. Still Dental School in Phoenix Arizona for the first time.  

This past year began with ADEX welcoming SRTA into our family.  A lot of time and effort on both the part of SRTA and ADEX went into assisting SRTA to administer the ADEX examination.  I want to publicly thank all the members of SRTA for their patience and professionalism during this adjustment period.

Earlier this week in New Orleans, our fellow examiner and member of the ADEX dental hygiene exam committee, Dr. Maxine Feinberg was chosen by the American Dental Association to be their next President.  We wish her all the best with this new endeavor.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention our Executive Director, Patrick Braatz who not only does all the preparations for this Annual Meeting but also takes care of all the administrative details of ADEX during the year.  Some of you may not know, he does this all as a volunteer and then ADEX contributes a modest amount to a charity of his choice.  We can’t thank him enough for all he does for ADEX.  

The Council of Interstate Testing Agency (CITA) was one of the founders of ADEX and although they have been administering their own exam for a number of years, there are a lot of similarities in our two exams. In August, we were approached by members of CITA and after a number of informal and formal discussions, CITA applied for membership in ADEX.  At the same time, the state boards of Alabama, North Carolina and Puerto Rico applied for membership.  On September 25, 2013, the ADEX Board of Directors met and approved those applications.  We are also hopeful that when the state board of Louisiana meets in December, they will vote to become a member of ADEX.  

CITA’s decision to participate in this process will continue to enhance the ADEX process and ensure that the dental profession’s input is as comprehensive as possible.  All of us, at ADEX, welcome CITA and look forward to working with them in the upcoming years.

With the addition of CITA, it will now be possible for close to 70% of graduating dental students to take one examination in their homeschool and be accepted for licensure in 46 licensing jurisdictions in the United States.  This includes 44 states with the anticipated participation of Louisiana along with Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.  We currently are testing in 38 dental schools and 121 dental hygiene schools and are the largest, most accepted dental and dental hygiene licensure examination in the nation.

Bruce Barrette, DDS
ADEX President
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